Monday, April 03, 2006

Other PPC Ideas You May Not Have Thought Of

Embedded text is another option. It’s not nearly as big as the text-based ads that frequent most sites, but I’m seeing it with greater frequency. A site like has them, if you’re looking for an example. Here’s how they work: advertisers buy a word on the page and that word is underlined and highlighted in green. When you mouseover the highlighted word, a small text-based advertisement appears that you can click on to go to another site. Because the words are not ads themselves, but rather triggers, they may not be as effective as text ads, but they do offer a fresh and non-invasive way to advertise. I think we’ll see more of this in the future.

Double qualified PPC ads are a clever way of helping you separate the people who are “just looking” from the people who actually want to buy. Companies that sell it, like, essentially just create their own PPC ads for your keywords and those ads send visitors to a landing page that contains relevant information. If the information is what the visitor is looking for, they read it and leave. If it isn’t what they’re looking for, they can then click to your site. It’s essentially Pay Per Click with an intermediate qualifier in there. Most small businesses might resist the idea because it keeps traffic from your page, however it can increase the traffic that actually buys from you by pre-qualifying them in the first place. This idea is not for everyone but if you have a site with a huge amount of traffic and only a few buyers, it might help to reduce bandwidth and maybe even cut down on many of the emailed inquiries you get from people who will never buy.